Your Devices, Our Expertise

Who We Are

Welcome to All Phone Toys & Repair, where our name traces back to 2001, initially offering phone accessories. Evolving with demand, we now specialize in reliable phone and tablet repairs. As All Phone Toys & Repair, we signify comprehensive electronic solutions, blending innovation with expertise. Every device is more than just technology—it’s a cherished possession, warranting our dedicated attention.

How We Started

From my early fascination with electronics to a thriving career, my journey began with paging. However, as technology advanced, so did my focus. The shift to cellular devices was a pivotal moment, marking my entry into the world of repairing phones, tablets, and more since 2001.

With 23 years of experience under my belt, I’ve had the privilege of serving over 200,000 customers, earning a resounding 5-star rating on Google. This stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

Why We do What We Do

Yet, our story extends beyond being a tech enthusiast; we pioneer in environmental responsibility. A recent collaboration with A&M University reflects our dedication to innovative solutions for detecting oil leaks in our vast oceans. This commitment to both customers and the planet forms the very essence of All Phone Toys.

At All Phone Toys, our core philosophy revolves around providing the highest quality of service. Join me on this journey, where technology meets integrity, and where devices find expert care. We’re not just repairing gadgets; we’re shaping a narrative of innovation and sustainability for a community that knows no boundaries.